Mediterraline Ro-Ro Services was established by Busserk Ports, Services and Logistics in 2021 with the aim of finding a solution to the lack of equipments that arised after the pandemic, shortening the transit times due to the excess of transit ports, and improving the commercial relations between the Mediterranean region and global trade centers.

As a result of the partnership made with Turman Shipping, Mediterraline Ro-Ro Services started its first voyages on the Turkey-Israel line and served to the Ashdod and Haifa ports on a weekly basis. As a result of the window system agreement with Israeli ports, Mediterraline Ro-Ro Services provides all kinds of loading and unloading advantages for its customers.

Turkey - China voyages organized monthly within Mediterraline Ro-Ro Services, pass through Derince - SafiPort then Iskenderun - Limak port and reaches to the China - Zhapou port. The MV Transfighter Ro-La type ship used throughout the voyage, and it allows smooth loading and unloading operations to be held with the help of elevators inside and on the side of the ship.

Mediterraline, which has adopted a devoted working discipline with its expert and experienced staff, works in an integrated structure with new generation workflows and produces customized solutions to meet all kinds of demands of its customers.